Georgia State UX and UI Achievements

I joined the Georgia State University family in 2001. In my time as University UX designer I contributed to vast improvements made to the university’s Web presence and reputation as a “scrappy” institution.


In 2012 Georgia State began a massive Web migration out of an old, difficult-to-maintain content management system into WordPress. The bulk of the actual migration took place in 2013 and we were pleased to accept a CASE Award of Excellence for website redesign for 2013/2014.

An Atlanta-based design firm was contracted to build custom, responsive WordPress themes for the university in order to expedite the process.

As the University’s UX designer, I took the themes as they were released by the developer to build multiple high-profile websites including a revamped home page for Georgia State Research, the Rialto Center for the Arts and the Georgia State Centennial website.

In doing this, I improved the UX of existing sites and used the newly built websites as showcases for the rest of the university’s web administrators to demonstrate what could be accomplished in the new WordPress websites.

During the migration project into WordPress, I worked closely with a team to build, migrate and design various templated elements for hundreds of websites.


In my role at Georgia State, I was the lead visual designer across all top-level university websites. I performed all design work for a site redesign in 2005 (screenshot) and a CASE Award of Excellence winning redesign in 2009 (screenshot) using the OpenText Content Management Solutions CMS (RedDot). In addition to this, I also:

  • Created the visual style and Web branding elements for all top-level Georgia State websites
  • Contributed to a knowledge base for Georgia State’s WordPress migration
  • Developed additional instructional materials on how to use Georgia State-specific shortcodes
  • Developed HTML emails for marketing, public relations and research marketing campaigns
  • Created motion graphics with Flash for use on WordPress websites and in various advertisements
  • Designed and built standalone websites in Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS
  • Managed daily news and press release postings and archives
  • Contributed design and illustrations to print publications such as Georgia State Magazine
  • Posted emergency alert notifications to the Georgia State home page
  • Coached content administrators in departments and colleges across the university

Full-size Screen Captures

Below are screen captures of websites I designed for Georgia State University. Live URLs are listed in the captions.

Rialto Center for the Arts

Georgia State Research

Where in the World Is Georgia State

Site Offline

Georgia State Strategic Plan

Law Library

2009 Georgia State Redesign 2009-2012

Georgia State Centennial