Rialto Center for the Arts

Rialto Center for the ArtsThe Rialto Center for the Arts is a performing arts theater at Georgia State University. As a critical part of the university’s massive migration into WordPress, I developed a new site for Georgia State’s Rialto Center, in addition to Georgia State’s Research hub and a site celebrating the university’s centennial.

For this project, I created a showcase example of a Georgia State WordPress site by using carefully selected art and digital illustration to create compelling layouts. I employed a combination of inline CSS, bootstrap functionality and custom shortcodes.

The result is a drastically improved website that serves as an ideal example of the potential of WordPress to university Web administrators.

The Rialto site posed an unusual challenge. I had to present a broad assortment of publicity art in a way that was both unified and unique to the individual artists in the Rialto Series events. To achieve this, I added design elements to enable the images to fit the full-width carousel and layered in subtle visual patterns to provide a unifying style.

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